Phil Personal Page


- Introduce yourself:
o Philipp Jakobi
o a lot of different subjects like English, Web Design and Math
o Advanced Condition ( a class where we lift weights)
o I love to play Basketball, Football and lift
o Basketball, Soccer, Football, Lifting, Food, Architecture and Traveling
o The Hangover, Just Wright, Life as we know it. I like a lot of movies but I don't really like to read

o I am very nice and always say what's on my mind

What you would like to do in the future – Future dreams and desires:
I would like to become an architect or a professional athlete. I also would love to go to college at USC in california

- probably Architecture maybe in california or Boston or Germany I don't know yet
- Further studies:
o yes
o USC and study Architecture and Business

o University of Southern California and if that does not work out at the University of Kansas or Kentucky
o Architecture and Busiess
- I would like to be an architect or a professional Athlete I am still debating what I want to do.
- Travel and adventure:
o I want to go to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and lots of other places
o I actually lived in Germany most of my life and I love Euroe and I want to visit China
- Family: Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister and a dog
o I don't know if I want to have a family in my future, I will just see if it is going to happen or not

O Philipp Jakobi
O Beaucoup de sujets différents comme anglais, Design(Conception) Web et Maths
O La Condition Avancée(Promue) (une classe où nous soulevons des poids)
O J'aime jouer au basket, le Football et l'ascenseur(le soulèvement)
O Basket-ball, Football, Football, Levage, Nourriture, Architecture et Voyage
O La Gueule de bois, Juste Wright, la Vie comme nous le savons(connaissons). J'aime beaucoup de films mais je n'aime pas vraiment lire
O Je suis très agréable et dis toujours ce qui est sur mon avis(esprit)

Ce que vous voudriez faire dans l'avenir - des rêves Futurs et desires:
Je voudrais devenir un architecte ou un athlète professionnel. J'aimerais aussi entrer à l'université à USC en Californie

- Probablement l'Architecture peut-être en Californie ou Boston ou l'Allemagne je ne sais(connais) pas encore
- Nouvelles études :
O Oui
O USC et étude Architecture et Affaire(Activité)
O L'Université de la Californie du Sud et si cela ne met pas au point à l'Université de


C'est David Ortiz le 1st Baseman de les Boston Red Sox. Le red Sox sont une equipe de baseball.

J'adore le basket aussi……….


Point Guard, c'est mon position favourite.