Mr. Woodrow, one of my favorite teachers

**M. Woodrow est trés amusant. Il est aussi secourable. Je suis une partie sa bande. Nous repetons le jeudi après l'école. C'est magnifique **

He has been a teacher in Okanogan for about 10 years. He teaches the extra 7th grade reading class. He is merried to a lovely lady named Marie but i call her Ree. He has 2 kids named Hannah and Ajia, they are both merried and his son is expecting a baby soon.

He is a very insperational guy and has tought me how to play the acoustic guitar. I have only been in his misic group for about one year this summer. I dont really remember when i met him i just know that ever since ive been in school ive known him.


He has traveled all around mexico and knows how to speak spanish, he has so many different stories about his life that would make you want to grab a seat and get comfortable. :)


To let you get a better understanding of Mr. Woodrow this is what he remids me of…. also this picture…