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What I would like to do in the future – Future dreams and desires:

Further studies: and i want to maybe go into Linguistics. J'ai étudier la linguistique. Also i want to become an artist. Aussi devenir

Travel and adventure: Thailand to experience culture and language. J’ai les vacanes Thailand aussi étudier culturel et langage
o Are there any places that you would like to visit and why? étudier culturel et langage

o Would you like to travel overseas? Je vais aller au Thiland aussi étudier culturel et langage
o Although you are very young, are you interested in having a family one day? j'amie deux un enfant

♥ Introduce yourself- Je m’apple Bessie, J’ai seize ans. J’adore regarder la télé. J’amie bien les amis. J’amie surtout jour au tennis. Je suis blond et petite. Je suis amusante, gentile, et intelligente. J’adore le chocolat et écouter de la musique. J’aime beaucoup je vais au PARC!!!!!!!!!! Je n’aime pas guerre. J’adore les arts plastiques!!!!!
♥ What you study at school- I study art, J'ai étudier les arts plastiques.
♥ Your favourite/preferred subject(s)- art, French, and linguistics. Les arts plastiques, la Français, et la linguistique, je joue tennis
♥ Extracurricular activities that you do- Tennis, I work out in the gym after school when Tennis season is over. Je joué au tennis et fair de l’exercic au gymnase.
♥ Hobbies: What you like to do in your free time (Outside school hours/during weekends). I Love drawing and I am good at it. J’adore dessiner.
♥ Favourite or preferred film(s)/book(s)/singer(s)/band(s) etc. Bands=
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♥ content/uploads/2010/08/011.jpg]] that you would like to say about yourself.//